Materials to Bring


You need to bring a few things with you, some items to work with, others to work on.


Items to work with...

        Work Apron - to protect your clothes.

        Sharp pocket knife

        Old paring knife

        X-Acto knife #1, with #10 blades, or

            Surgeon's scalpel handle #3, with #10 and #15 blades

        Small, sharp-nosed pliers


        Small scissors

        Old toothbrush

        Magnifying glass

        Old dental hand tool, any style (ask your dentist, he calls them instruments)

        Stenographer's size spiral notebook


Items to work on...

Now, we're not suggesting you ransack your china cabinet, but you will need to bring pieces on which you will work during the week. Bring with as many of the following as possible, but don't worry if you can't find them all.


        One article broken in 2 pieces, or 1 piece broken off a larger one

        One article broken in more than 2, but fewer than 5 pieces

        One article with a simple chip or chunk out and missing

        One article with complex or molded chip out and missing

        One article requiring modeling of missing part: foot, hand, finger, petal, leaves...

        One article with missing handle - without a model to copy

        One article with missing handle and a model to copy: a two-handled dish with only one handle present,

            or 2 matching cups, one with handle, the other without

        Old repairs to remove and improve



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