There are a number of projects that can be undertaken. Here is a brief list, split into ones that are good for beginners to attempt, and those that would be more successful once you have gained confidence and proficiency.



Easiest beginners projects:

Figures:    Staffordshire, Bisque, Continental, Oriental

Vases:       Handles broken or missing, chips

Teapots:    Broken spouts and handles, missing knobs

Stoneware jugs, crocks, mugs


Oriental porcelain

Dolls, bisque or china, damaged hands, feet or shoulders


Note: some glass, especially colored and translucent, can be repaired or restored by the same principles as for china.



Harder Projects:

Thin, translucent dinnerware


Wedgwood jasperware


Transfer designs

Hairline cracks, long cracks

Soft, crumbly pottery

Dolls, bisque or china, facial breaks


Except for soft pottery, these are easy enough to bond, only harder to paint than projects listed as beginners.

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