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Porcelain & Pottery Restoration Classes

Restoration Classes for Porcelain and Pottery with Gerlinde Kornmesser

Take the first steps in the craft of repair and restoration of porcelain, china and pottery,

in just one week.



Learn to take this misfortune

and restore it to it's former glory


Visit beautiful Wisconsin, stay on campus at Lawrence University in Appleton, and learn from a practicing restorer.


The skills taught, the tools and materials provided, along with all the secrecy removed, will give you the confidence to restore your own pieces, and may even open up a whole new career. 


Scrupulous restoration of antique pottery and porcelain is faithful to the potter's original intent. It does not grind off damaged spouts, handle stubs, rims or bases... does not grind off mistakes in bonding... does not lay ties, necklaces or bracelets on broken necks or wrists... does not paint embellishments over cracks and patches... does not paint over large areas of sound china or paint old parts to match new... does not run molten metal into gaps... does not boil antique china or subject it to household bleach. These discredited, destructive and irreversible practices are often endorsed in books tied to the sale of supplies. Alteration is not restoration. To restore means to put back - not add on, not take off. Alteration diminishes historic, aesthetic and monetary value.

Restoration enhances all three.



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